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Good heavens! I thought it was time for me to change.  How fool am I to believe in my own plans without considering destiny. Is it really fate? Or is it just me making it all up? I can’t understand. What a twist of fate. No warnings, no signs. Just a flash in your face and all that you’ve tried to change in your life is gone, faster than a blink of an eye. Am I not noticing the hints of luck? Or it’s just that I want to fall in to the trap? So many questions I can’t answer. I feel hard on my self. Why did it come on the worst time?! I just don’t understand. I’m scared. I don’t know what to do. All I ever wanted is to be just one normal guy. But these feelings still bother me. I just can’t eradicate them. I always thought of giving up, but faith stopped me. This thing called faith is my only hope. Without it, the rope has been cut for a long time. But now, it’s different. It’s like faith is being deprived from me. Is it? Or I’m the one letting go of it? I can’t take this anymore… Help me, I ask. 

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